Objectives Of The Organization

WWT Objectives

  • To create awareness to the societies in Tanzania on matters related to disadvantaged children.
  • To assist vulnerable children by counseling, sheltering, training, parental guidance, psychological support and other related support for the view of enabling them to become self- reliant.
  • ┬áTo discover talents of the children and develop the same in a manner beneficial to them and the organization.
  • To incite disadvantaged children a sense of being part of the community by assisting them morally, psychologically and materially to realize their dream goals and prepare them to be patriotic.
  • To contribute in the national efforts of protecting vulnerable children and strive in creating a society that cares for vulnerable children.
  • To assist children who are HIV/AIDS victims through counseling, health/medical and legal support in their lives in accordance to the laws of the State.
  • To work with the government and other stakeholders in ensuring that children and youth are protected from marginalized practices and given full support in their growth and development.
  • To undertake researches, survey, consultancies and outreach services which are useful for implementation of the aims and objectives of the organization.


  • The Organization has succeeded to educate children from Nursery School to College and University level. For example, in 2008, the first beneficiary graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam. Later, many more beneficiaries joined Colleges and Universities.
  • The Organization has built good relationship with Local and International volunteers from different countries such as Africa, America, Europe and Asia.
  • The Organization has succeeded in coordinating different street children and youth projects in Dar es Salaam. Such as Life skills, child rights advocacy, human trafficking, voluntary activities, establishing children and youth clubs and various dialogues as well as seminars.
  • Establishment of Choir, Band and Traditional Dance.
  • The Organization succeeded to acquire 39 acres of land as well as attained its title deed which is found at Chalinze, Msata-Mazizi Village, Bagamoyo District at Coastal region. An enabling environment for the disadvantages, vulnerable children to access quality home ,education and other basic needs. Right now we have started developing the land by constructing 2 dormitories, 6 classrooms and 1staff house.